Webcam Astronomy Software

  Registax is free image processing software that can be used to process you captures frames.
  Astrostack is great software to use to process your webcam files.
  wxAstroCapture - This is a free capture program primarily intended for astronomical use, it is developed as a joint effort between Martin Burri (Switzerland) and Carsten Arnholm (Norway). Installation instructions and program download is found here, there is also an online Yahoo group where users are welcome to share experiences.
  ImageToolosSca - ImageTOOLSca is a package containing 2 applications, ImageVIEWca for image viewing and processing, and ImageHEADca for viewing FITS and EXIF headers without having to opening the actual image.
  LxGuideStar - Freeware - With LxGuideStar you can autoguide your telescope with a long exposure modified webcam. You can autoguide on stars at least as as faint as Mag 10 when using only a 60mm refractor and an SC3 BW webcam. Parallel(LPT) or serial (COM) ports are supported for webcam long exposure control.
  AstroSnap - 30 day Trial for free then $35 Euros
  K3-CCD Tools
Visit our astronomy observing site to see information on the hobby. Most popular is out selecting a telescope section.
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